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Irish Sailing Association Irish Sailing Checklick Platform Terms & Conditions of Use & Data Protection & Privacy Policy March 2024 Please read these Terms carefully. Your continued use of the Irish Sailing Training Schemes and the Irish Sailing Checklick Application and evaluation platform confirms your acceptance of these Terms. Irish Sailing is the exclusive licensee of the Checklick Application and Evaluation Platform for use by water sports bodies in Ireland. Irish Sailing also owns the Small Boat Sailing Scheme (“Irish Sailing SBSS”), and all its details, evaluation steps, contents and intellectual property associated therewith. Neither the Checklick Platform nor the Irish Sailing SBSS may be used by any person or organisation without the express written approval of Irish Sailing. The terms and conditions governing the use and continued use of the Checklick platform by any user are as follows: a. Irish Sailing is the sole and exclusive licensee for Ireland of the Checklick Sailing Passport and Athlete Evaluation platform. Any use by a third party of the Checklick platform in Ireland is subject to the agreement of Irish Sailing and to the payment of any fee determined by Irish Sailing for such use. b. Checklick can only be used by Irish Sailing recognised Training Centres, their students and Irish Sailing qualified instructors, where such Training Centres are in full compliance with their obligations to Irish Sailing, including in respect of any fees payable for the use of the Checklick platform (see below). c. Data acquired through the use of the Checklick platform must comply in full with applicable Data Protection legislation in Ireland, with Irish Sailing Data Privacy & Protection Policy, and with the Data Privacy & Protection policies of Checklick. d. Data acquired through the use of Checklick can only be used in the manner for which it is intended, i.e. to manage and administer the evaluation and training of users (students) undertaking any of the Irish Sailing Training programmes available on Checklick. e. The individual Checklick record of a user will be kept private (by Irish Sailing, Training Centres, and Instructors) and available only for their use in connection with their duties and solely for the management and continued evaluation of that user under an Irish Sailing Training programme to which they have subscribed, and used solely for that purpose. f. The use of and content posted on the Irish Sailing Checklick App must be used solely and exclusively for the purpose for which the App has been established, i.e. the recording and progress of sailors through the steps and skills required in the Irish Sailing SBSS and to record the details of their individual sailing experience and skills in a record private to the individual student, and not for any other purpose. The posting of any materials or content, or the alteration of any materials or content, or the distribution of or use of the individual sailor’s information or use of the app for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. g. Data collected through Checklick remains the property of the user (student) who can, at any time, and on request, ask that their data be removed from the Checklick platform. In such circumstances and subject to the Irish Sailing data retention requirements, access to such user’s records will be removed immediately from the system. h. The use of Checklick data for any commercial or other purpose by any party, Irish Sailing, Training Centre, Instructor and/or Student is strictly prohibited. i. The posting of any information/data/content not solely and exclusively related to the Irish Sailing Training Programme on a user’s Checklick record by a third party is strictly prohibited. j. The recording of any information on an individual’s record (including the recording of their having achieved a given skill) which is incorrect or not in accordance with the standards required to achieve such skill (and made by any party who does not have the authority to assess and grade such skill) shall be null and void and the individual record may be amended by Irish Sailing, in consultation with the Training Centre, and if thought fit the recording of any skill not acquired and/or not approved by a person entitled to do so will be deleted. k. Irish Sailing reserves the right to change, update or amend these terms and conditions, and any use of the Checklick platform constitutes your express agreement to such revised terms and conditions. l. While Irish Sailing will do what it can, reasonably, to monitor the use and data on the Checklick platform, it is the responsibility of each Training Centre to manage both the data and all those who have access to the data applicable to their students and Training programmes. Irish Sailing accepts no responsibility for the improper or illegal use of the Checklick platform or Data by a Training Centre, Instructor or Student. It is a matter for the Training Centre to ensure that individual students records are kept confidential to the student, and that their students records are not altered or falsified by any party m. Responsibility for the use of the Irish Sailing SBSS, for the qualifications and capabilities of Irish Sailing Instructors used by a Training Centre, and for the management and operation of an Irish Sailing Training Centre is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Training Centre Principal and Owner. Irish Sailing accepts no such responsibility. n. Irish Sailing reserves the right to remove the privileges of any party to use the Checklick platform and data, whether Training Centre, Instructor or Student for any violation of the terms and conditions of use. Such user will have the right to appeal as described in the terms of accreditation for Irish Sailing Training Centres. While such appeal is ongoing, the user will not have access to Checklick, and no refunds shall be available in respect of fees prepaid. Fees payable by users of the Checklick Platform 1. The fee payable is €3 per user, per year, per Training Centre. This fee is subject to review annually. 2. This covers the use of the Irish Sailing Checklick Platform and the printing of any Certificates, which can be printed directly from the Irish Sailing Checklick Platform. 3. For any student not using the Irish Sailing Checklick Platform, hard copy publications and certificates may be ordered from the Irish Sailing Office as before. Irish Sailing Data Protection Policy The Irish Sailing’s policy is a commitment to protect the rights and privacy of individuals in accordance with the Data Protection Acts. Collecting Data Irish Sailing collects data to: • Maintain our membership and stakeholder databases • Manage, monitor, service and report on its training schemes • Perform accounting and other record-keeping functions • Report on its activities with stakeholders, the public and Government agencies • Provide membership and staff services; • Verify member’s identity. 1. Data will be accurate and complete and, where necessary, kept up to date. 2. Data will be adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which it was obtained. 3. All acquisition methods (Checklick etc.) will explain intended purposes. 4. Data collected is owned by the party who supplies this data, and will be deleted upon request, subject to data retention requirements below. Use and Disclosure of Information 1. Data will be kept only for clear and legal purposes. 2. Data will be processed fairly and in keeping with the purposes for which it was obtained. 3. Data will not be used, disclosed or processed in any manner incompatible with the purposes for which it was obtained. 4. Data will only be shared with third parties who are our agents or servants acting on our directions and in accordance with this policy. Save as required by law no disclosure of Data will be made to third parties for those third parties' own purposes or use. 5. Under no circumstances will lists of member data/information be disclosed to a third party for that third party's exploitation or use. Data may be legitimately given to Irish Sailing's servants or agents for legitimate purposes as described above. Retention 1. Data will be kept as long as is necessary for the primary purpose for which it was obtained. In the case of lapsed members, a facility is provided to unsubscribe from future communications. 2. Data will be retained for any period required by law.

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